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Align-Pilates is Europe’s leading Pilates apparatus brand. Align-Pilates offers a comprehensive range of commercial Pilates Studio equipment, as well as an innovative selection of home Pilates reformers and all the mats, props, and small equipment required for Pilates matwork.

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Pilates Matters is excited to offer a range of Align Pilates equipment. Align Pilates, based in Great Britain, pride themselves on making brilliant Pilates equipment that is affordable and of the highest quality. Their equipment can be found in studios in over 28 countries worldwide. Align Pilates offers a range of products that include Reformers, Pilates Chairs, Ladder Barrels, Trapeze Tables, and a fantastic range of accessories and attachments. At Pilates Matters, we are proud to be an authorized retailer for Align Pilates, giving us the opportunity to offer our customers their brilliant equipment. Some of their best sellers include the Align Pilates R8 Pro Pilates Reformer and Align Pilates F3 Folding Home Reformer.

Align Pilates Reformers are designed to cater to a wide range of people, with a key focus on the customer experience. They recognize that no two people are the same, and this is reflected in their product range for both home and commercial studio use. Align Pilates Reformers are built with the highest quality materials to ensure their longevity with regular use.

The Align Pilates R8 Pro Pilates Reformer is one of their best-selling products, offering a versatile home workout solution. Designed for use in the home, this Reformer is slightly smaller than its commercial counterparts, so it can be easily stored when not in use. Also, it can be easily assembled by one person in around 30 minutes.

The Align Pilates C2 Pro RC Reformer is another popular reformer from Align Pilates. It is suitable for both studio and home use. This Reformer is built with a sturdy frame and is equipped with an extra-large carriage, providing ample space for users of all sizes. It also has an adjustable foot bar, which allows it to adapt to users' individual needs. The C2 Pro RC Reformer has a RC system (Rapid Change System) which allows individuals to switch between resistance levels quickly and easily, making the workouts efficient and seamless.

Another popular product is the Align Pilates F3 Folding Home Reformer. This is a versatile and convenient solution for home workouts, with its compact design allowing for it to be easily stored when not in use. The F3 Folding Home Reformer is built with lightweight materials, making it easy to move around the home. The folding mechanism is easy to use and can be done by one person in a matter of seconds. Despite its small size, it does not compromise on quality or experience, and it is commonly used in smaller Pilates studios.

Align Pilates also offer an extensive range of accessories and attachments for their Reformers. For example, the Jump Board, which attaches to the end of the Reformer and adds an additional exercise dimension. The Jump Board is perfect for rehabilitating and strengthening the lower legs and hips. The sitting box is another popular accessory, which facilitates a range of new exercises and makes sitting and prone exercises more comfortable. Also, Align Pilates sell a Cadillac frame which allow you to transform your Align A & C series reformers into a Cadillac, providing yet another way to enhance your Pilates practice. This is a brilliant option for individuals who would like the possibility to upgrade their reformer into a Cadillac.

In conclusion, Align Pilates is a brand that produces high-quality, affordable Pilates equipment. At Pilates Matters, we are proud to offer a wide range of Align Pilates equipment. Our partnership with Align Pilates ensures that our customers can rely on us for high-quality Align Pilates equipment, be it at home or in a commercial studio setting. Align Pilates equipment is designed to cater to a wide range of people, with personalized features built into their Reformers. Their accessories and attachments enhance the Reformers' versatility, providing users with endless possibilities. We highly recommend Align Pilates equipment to anyone shopping for Pilates equipment.

Frequent Asked Questions

What is the difference between Align Pilates reformers for home and commercial use?

The main differences are in size, weight, and adjustability. The home reformers are smaller and more portable, while the commercial reformers are larger and designed to withstand more frequent use. The commercial reformers also tend to have more adjustable components, such as the foot bar and ropes.

Are Align Pilates reformers suitable for beginners?

Yes, Align Pilates reformers are designed to cater to a wide range of experience levels, from beginners to advanced users. Some models, like the H1 Home Reformer, are specifically designed for home use and can be set up and used easily by beginners.

Can I store my Align Pilates reformer when not in use?

Yes, most Align Pilates reformers can be easily stored when not in use. The H1 Home Reformer and F3 Folding Home Reformer, in particular, are designed to be easily stored in small spaces.

What attachments and accessories are available for Align Pilates reformers?

Align Pilates offers a wide range of attachments and accessories, including jump boards, sitting boxes, and poles. These can be attached to the reformers to provide additional exercise options and enhance the Pilates experience.

Is maintenance required for Align Pilates equipment?

Yes, some maintenance is required to ensure that your Align Pilates equipment remains in good condition. This includes regular cleaning and lubrication of moving parts. Check the instruction manual for guidance on maintenance and care.

What is the warranty for Align Pilates equipment?

Align Pilates offers a warranty on their equipment to provide peace of mind for customers. The specific warranty terms may vary depending on the product. For specific details on warranty see the warranty page.

How long does it take for Align Pilates equipment to be shipped and delivered?

The shipping times for Align Pilates equipment can vary depending on your location and the specific product you are purchasing. Most of the time delivery will be within 7 - 14 days. If you would like a more accurate delivery time feel free to give us an email at and we can check the warehouses stock and update you. Once shipped we will provide you with tracking details so you can stay updated on its status.