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Huum Sauna Heater FAQs

What makes HUUM Sauna Heaters unique?

HUUM sauna heaters stand out with their sleek, minimalist design and rounded contours. Emphasizing a high stone capacity, they deliver an authentic sauna experience reminiscent of traditional saunas. With minimal metal in their composition, the heat majorly emanates from the stones, enhancing the negative ion count.

Amplify your experience by pairing the HUUM heater with the innovative UKU Wi-Fi controller, enabling sauna control directly via your smartphone.

Which sauna dimensions best suit HUUM heaters?

Suitable for diverse needs, HUUM heaters gracefully cater to sauna spaces ranging from 3 to 35 cubic meters.

How do I choose a HUUM heater with the right power output?

Your choice hinges on your sauna room's size and insulation. Typically, 1 kW of power is suitable for heating 1 cubic meter of the sauna. Opting for a slightly larger heater with a thermostat is safe, but an undersized one might underperform.

For uninsulated materials like brick, tile, glass, or log, factor in an extra 1.5 cubic meters for every square meter of such material.

How quickly does a HUUM sauna heater warm up a sauna?

A well-matched HUUM heater can escalate the temperature by 10 °C approximately every 8 minutes, translating to 80 °C in roughly 60 minutes.

Which stones pair well with HUUM heaters?

Opt for natural, smooth sauna stove stones. We vouch for the rounded olivine diabase stones in our range – they're grey, rounded, and adept at retaining heat. It's best to steer clear of decorative stones due to their fragility.

Where are HUUM heaters manufactured?

HUUM takes pride in crafting all their products in Estonia.

What is the duration of the HUUM heaters' warranty?

Every HUUM sauna heater boasts a comprehensive 5-year warranty.

What is included in a HUUM Heater package

Your HUUM heater set encompasses the heater itself, complemented by adjustable legs (for HIVE models) or a wall mount (for DROP models). However, stones, the controller, and power cable are to be acquired separately.

Who should undertake the heater's installation?

To ensure safety and precision, only trust a certified electrician for the task.

What wiring specifics are essential for a HUUM sauna heater installation?

Detailed cabling instructions can be found in our product installation guides. Emphasizing safety, always have a certified electrician oversee the installation process.