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 Over the years Lagree Fitness have earned their reputation as one of the fastest growing and hottest workouts in the fitness industry. This method of training was founded by Sebastien Lagree. The Lagree method effectively balances high-intensity with low impact movements. It focuses on core, muscular strength and muscular endurance.

Discover the ultimate Lagree Fitness collection at Pilates Matters. Our collection includes Megaformers, Lagree Mini, Lagree Mini Pro, and Lagree Microformer machines, each offering unique features and specifications. Suitable for beginners and fitness enthusiasts alike, Lagree Fitness provides customizable and versatile workouts that will push your limits. Elevate your fitness journey with our Lagree Fitness collection!

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If you are looking for the ultimate high-intensity, low-impact training, then Lagree Fitness is the way to go. At Pilates Matters, we believe in offering our customers a range of options to take their fitness journeys to new heights. That's why we are proud to offer a selection of Lagree Fitness products, including Megaformers, the Lagree Mini, the Lagree Mini Pro, and the Lagree Microformer. 

What is Lagree Fitness? 

Lagree Fitness is a fitness system developed by fitness guru Sebastien Lagree. The Lagree Method combines strength, endurance, and flexibility training to provide a full-body workout that pushes you to your limits.

What sets Lagree Fitness apart from Pilates? 

While Lagree Fitness shares some similarities with Pilates, it is an entirely different system that offers unique benefits. Unlike Pilates, which focuses on the core and postural muscles, Lagree Fitness targets every muscle group in your body, providing a full-body workout that enhances strength, endurance, and flexibility.

The signature machine for Lagree Fitness is the Megaformer, which incorporates a range of specialized features to provide a challenging and effective workout. Our collection of Megaformers includes the EVOM3M3S, and M3K models, each with its unique set of features and specifications. 

Why Choose Lagree Fitness?

There are several reasons why people choose Lagree Fitness:

High-Intensity, Low-Impact Training: Lagree Fitness combines the intensity of strength and cardio training with the safety and low-impact benefits of Pilates. This makes it an ideal workout for people of all fitness levels, including those with pre-existing injuries or joint pain. 

Focus on Total-Body Workouts: Lagree Fitness workouts are designed to target every muscle group in your body, providing a comprehensive and effective workout. 

Customizable and Versatile: Lagree Fitness machines, including the Megaformer and Lagree Mini, offer a wide range of exercises that can be customized to your fitness level and goals. 

Increased Core Strength: Every exercise in Lagree Fitness requires you to engage and stabilize your core, leading to improved overall strength and balance.

Efficient Workouts: Lagree Fitness workouts are known for their efficiency. In just a short 45-minute session, you can work every muscle group in your body, burn calories, and improve your overall fitness. 

At Pilates Matters, we offer a range of Lagree Fitness products to suit your fitness goals and preferences.

Megaformers: Our collection of Megaformers includes the EVO, M3, M3S, and M3K models, each with its unique set of features and specifications. These revolutionary machines provide a full-body workout that challenges your body and enhances your fitness level.

Lagree Mini: The Lagree Mini is a portable version of the Megaformer, designed for people who want to experience Lagree Fitness at home. It features resistance bands and adjustable resistance levels, providing a customizable workout experience.

Lagree Mini Pro: The Lagree Mini Pro is a similar to the Lagree Mini, however it has a longer carriage and overall length. It features a sliding platform, adjustable resistance levels, and a range of exercises that target every muscle group in your body.

Lagree Microformer: The Lagree Microformer is a smaller version of the Lagree Mini, designed for people who have limited space or are just starting with Lagree Fitness. It features adjustable resistance levels and a range of exercises that provide a full-body workout.