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Our Collection of Pilates Wood Reformer for sale

Our selection offers an option for Pilates enthusiasts of all levels. Designed with precision and built with high-quality wood, these reformers provide the perfect blend of durability and aesthetics.

How to Choose the Best Wood Pilates Reformer

The best reformer for you will depend on the space available, the exercises you want to make and the budget you have. The Elina Wood Reformer is the best choice for most people that have a dedicated area and don’t require a portable reformer.

A Pilates reformer made of wood is an elite reformer that stands out for its natural beauty, classic aesthetic and robust construction. Unlike a traditional metal reformer, they bring a touch of elegance to your workout space.

Best Pilates Wood Reformers for home use

Our range includes some of the best reformers pilates in the market. Whether you're looking for at Home Pilates Reformers for home use or a studio setting, we have options that meet your needs. 

The products we recommend are:

  1. Elina Pilates Wood Reformer - A top choice for both home and professional use.
  2. BASI Systems Reformer - Best option for professional in studio use
  3. Cadillac Reformer - Best option for versatility and comprehensive workout options.

Best Aluminum Reformer Machine for any need

If you want a more modern look, an aluminum reformer is worth considering. Available in white or black, Aluminum Reformers are durable and with all the advanced features required for the smooth and responsive movement that is essential for an effective Pilates practice. 

Shop Reformers on Sale Now

Are you looking to equip your studio or home gym? Check out our wide and comprehensive reformer bundle packages. These bundles include everything you need to get started with your Pilates journey, from the reformer itself to essential accessories.

If you’re just looking for the reformer, our collection of reformer pilates machines has all the reformers worth considering to elevate your pilates experience. Buy a pilates reformer machine for sale today at Pilates Matters. By only stocking reformers from top brands such as Elina and BASI, we ensure you receive a product that meets the highest standards of quality and durability.