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The control system is a great way to heat up your sauna with modern technology. You can control it from the local sauna control panel or the mobile app.
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Huum Sauna Heater FAQs

What is the difference between UKU Local, UKU Wi-Fi, and UKU GSM controllers?

The distinction lies in remote accessibility via the HUUM mobile app. The UKU Local allows users to regulate the sauna exclusively from its wall-mounted control panel. Conversely, the UKU Wi-Fi and UKU GSM controllers enhance flexibility by permitting sauna control directly from the HUUM app. Notably, the UKU Wi-Fi controller mandates a Wi-Fi link, while the UKU GSM operates using a SIM card and mobile data.

Is it possible to operate HUUM sauna heaters without a controller?

No, every HUUM sauna heater requires a dedicated HUUM heater controller with temperature regulation. The heaters do not have an on/off switch.

Which controllers are compatible with HUUM sauna heaters?

Although HUUM heaters can synchronize with a variety of controllers from different manufacturers, it's imperative that these controllers have a temperature control feature. Furthermore, the heater's output should align with the specified range given by the controller's producer.

What is included in the Huum sauna controller set?

The Huum UKU controller package encompasses:

  • A sleek control console (105 x 55 x 22 mm).
  • A 3m control console cable (4 x 0.34 mmĀ²) .
  • A main module (142 x 90 x 58 mm).
  • A precise temperature sensor.
  • A door sensor.
  • A temperature/door sensor cable (5 + 5m; 2 x 0.22 mmĀ²).

Can a HUUM sauna controller be used with heaters from other brands?

Absolutely, as long as the heater works with a remote control and has a temperature control function. However, for mechanical heaters, it is very complicated and not recommended.

What's the recommended placement for the HUUM sauna heater controller?

The control panel must be installed outside the steam room, ideally at the user's line of sight and close to the doorway, or as per the manufacturer's guidance.

The main module requires a location free of moisture that is also easy to access. It is not recommended to install the main module inside the sauna room.

For UKU Wi-Fi or UKU GSM setups, make sure that the main module will be able to establish an internet connection in the chosen location.